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Jump Start in Raleigh

Even the most well-prepared individuals may not have jumper cables in their car when the time comes to jump-start a dead battery. Batteries die at the most inconvenient times, and it’s often hard to predict the moment when they will fail. It could be a bad alternator causing your battery to stop charging, or it could be a simple issue of leaving an interior light on and it drained the battery.

Nevertheless, when broken down in your driveway, on the side of the road, or in the middle or a parking lot far away from home, you probably don’t care at the moment how your battery died, you just want a helping hand to jump start it so you can be on your way again. Raleigh Towing will come to your rescue whenever you call.

Dead Battery or Bad Alternator?

Your vehicle's alternator is responsible for keeping your battery charged. Many components of your vehicle run off your battery (lights, radio, the navigation system, etc.). In fact, without your vehicle's alternator, you wouldn't be able to make it more than a few miles down the road. A properly functioning alternator is essential for any automobile to stay in proper running condition.

A common sign of a bad alternator is if your vehicle was driving down the road fine and then your lights started to dim unexpectedly, your radio turned off, lights began turning on and off on your dash, and you lose power steering meaning it’s hard to turn the steering wheel, until finally, your vehicle stops running altogether. If this happened to you, we could jump start your battery, but it will only help you make if a few more miles down the road.

Even a new battery won't help you make it very far. If your alternator is bad, we will let you know and help get your vehicle to a mechanic that can accurately diagnose and fix the problem. A new alternator is usually a simple fix most mechanics can resolve the same day.

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Roadside Assistance

Due to the safety concerns of stopping strangers on the side of the road, it is getting harder and harder to find someone who is willing to stop even if you try to flag them down. Calling a professional service with all the equipment you need is a far safer and wiser choice than depending on the kindness of strangers when you need assistance.

Our team typically gets on the road within minutes of your call to provide you with outstanding roadside assistance. Even if your battery still doesn't stay charged after giving it a jump, we can tow your car to the closest repair shop or take it to any destination you require.

Emergency Service

Car batteries usually don’t die when it’s most convenient for you. Often it is when you’re stranded somewhere, and it’s an emergency, and you require urgent assistance. Raleigh Towing will swoop in as fast as possible to provide you with full service.

With a simple phone call to us, you’ll have a driver who will arrive at your destination ready to get you on the road again quickly. We offer affordable service you can depend on to jump-start your vehicle regardless what type of battery is in your vehicle, we can do the job efficiently because we’re equipped with all the latest equipment to bring your car battery back to life.

24/7/365 Assistance

We don’t keep typical office hours we’re here for you 24 hours a day to make sure customers have access to quality care. Your friends and family may not always be available when you need them, but you can rest assured that we will be.

It doesn't matter if it’s 4:30 PM or 4:30 AM, we understand that you have places to go and people to see and things to do, and a dead battery isn't doing you any good.

Our team of professionals will be in our tow truck heading to your location soon after you call us for help.

Why Hire us?

We take great pride in our reputation as the fastest towing service out of Raleigh because it’s that status that has gained us, loyal clients. They know they can depend upon our drivers to provide the best roadside assistance to jump-start their vehicles.

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